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Great Value, Great Quality and an amazing night's sleep! 
8" Accu-Gold 5.3 Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Queen size.
Alex - if you'd like to add this review to your testimonial page, please feel free. I meant to write one awhile back, but I don't have insomnia anymore! :P Seriously, you guys have a great product, I wish I had found you sooner! I found when shopping for a fancy memory foam bed after realizing that my old mattress was almost 10 years old! The customer service and shipping was amazing, Alex was always very prompt in answering my questions. When the bed arrived and unfurled, I slept like a baby. And not just any baby, a really relaxed and well-rested baby. I can't recommend this bed enough. The biggest difference I saw between this bed and fancy memory foam (besides the big difference in price) is that this bed did not suck the body heat out of your body. It adjusts to your body temperature and feels like you're sleeping weightless. If you prefer to be cool when you sleep, this bed might be a bit warm for your taste.  Amy Lagrimanta, Review on is an excellent source of Foam Mattress Toppers
My 88 y/o mother-in-law, already plagued with numerous major ailments, was still suffering with her old 1 1/2" thick foam topper, which afforded virtually no support. Seeking a replacement, at least double the thickness, we found nothing retail locally, and most internet sites had outrageous prices. Continuing my search, I came across Not only did they offer a broad variety, but real information about recommended quality & thicknesses. I was originally tempted to purchase the highest-quality/thick product, but their discussion of it showed that it would most likely be too firm for her, and therefore counter-productive. I ordered the next quality & size down, the price was excellent, the topper came within days, and she has finally enjoyed more comfortable evenings. Charlie H.'s, Review on
Second purchase - would do biz with them again.
- Easy to use web site - Good to have ways to research the products - Clear explanation of products - Prompt delivery - Nice people!...M.H.
Just want you to know that I received my topper today and I know of at least one person that is visiting your website as I type this to order one of his own after he saw and felt mine. I'm fairly certain he will be using the address in New Jersey as well. (He is in Afghanistan with me). Thanks again for the Mattress Topper... It has made getting some sleep possible. Captain L. Goudeau
We received the mattress topper on Tuesday and are already thoroughly enjoying it! It is VERY comfortable and you literally sink right in!  Thank you again... T. Harris
Hi. I bought the 4" 5.3 lb. topper and Elegance 300 cover, and my wife and I love it. I used to wake up with back and hip pain. Some days it was so bad I could not go to work. Now I sleep very well and do not have any pains in the morning. Thank you for an excellent product and a good nights sleep! - Mr. Kreigh
Thank you for your kind reply, Alex. The existing foundation was a 4" + 2" of standard foam. I dumped the 2", added the new Foam4Less 3" topper and it is 100% better than the old mattress. I am delighted at what a big improvement the new memory foam made in the overall comfort. My best, Mac Hawley

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